5:30 came too soon, but there was a ton of work to do.

I hopped up, got dressed and headed outside to start loading the rest of the gear and all those ice chests  into the truck. Next came our personal items. Alejandro arrived about 6:30 and we started loading up his gear as well. Too much stuff, Angelica was going to have to drive separately. Our original plan was to leave at 6:45am. HA! Didn't happen. Rose arrived about 7am with Jason (soundman turned camera operator), Johnny (Slate Boy), Ally (wardrobe and set decorator) and Marcus Parker (Kyle in the film). Everyone pitched in and we were loaded and ready to go at 7:30am. Then Ba da bup ba ba we were at that arches place for a quick meal and up the hill we went.

We arrived on location at approximately 8:30. Next step was unloading this massive pile of stuff and moving the food into the facilities kitchen. Getting a group site with a large building attached with power, rooms to sleep in and a kitchen came in really handy.  We were greeted by Krystina Mae (script Supervisor) and Andrew Florio (BTS and Camera Operator) As fast as we went it took us nearly until 11:30am to get the first scene going with Parker Alexander (Justin). We were off and behind.

We finished Parker's scenes and moved onto a few with Marcus and Alex Acosta (Rob). We wrapped those pretty quickly and it was lunch time. We had a great spread, took a breather and got back to it.

The next few scenes went well and we shot until dinner when just about the entire cast had arrived for the first four days. I couldn't help but think about all the work that was ahead of us. Mostly I was working with Alejandro Guimoye (cinematographer), Scott Pigg (gaffer) and Andrew Florio on how to light the camping area for the first night shots. We ate and then proceeded to hang lights and run power to the spot we preferred. It was a darker, moodier spot away from a water tower. We got everything connected and fired up the lights one by one. Then, POP. One row of lights went out. We had tripped a breaker.

First problem..Where was the circuit box? After several minutes we found it, but it was locked. We chased down the host for the campground that gave us access and we reset the breaker. That lasted about 10 minutes until it popped again. We had too many lights on too few circuits with not enough heavy gauge cable to carry the load. Low budget production comes with these types of problems. There was only one solution. We had to move closer to the power sources which meant the water tower was a character in the movie now. We even changed the script on set to accommodate the change. All in all in worked out for the night. We lost a couple hours because of the lighting issues, but we were confident we could make it up.

After we shot the last scene I headed for the computer with all the cards from the cameras. I had to copy them to a computer, make a backup and wipe the cards for re-use the next day. I got to bed about 2:30 am, but I couldn't sleep. There were so many things to do and I was excited. This was the first day of an adventure I as well as many others will never forget.