Today was a long day of final preparations. Rose Hernandez, our 1st AD, and I spent several hours getting the final pieces in place to start shooting the next morning. Then we had to pack...

Scott Pigg, who backed us on Kickstarter, let us borrow a trailer to haul a massive amount of gear up highway 50 to our location in Sly Park (Pollock PInes, CA). Speaking of Scott, our Director of Photography Alejandro Guimoye put it best when he called Scott the Mc Guyver of the crew. He provided tons of equipment, fixed cables, solved our electrical problems and more... But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

I started packing the trailer around 4pm with firewood,  tables, chairs, the 7 cases of Red Tail Ale provided by Mendicino Brewing company and at least 20 sleeping bags, 10 tents and whatever else I could fit into the nooks and crannies that were left.

Then, my wife Angelica arrived with our friends Matt and Christy Martin with the food. Not just some food, a mountain, a huge mountain. I said to myself "Where the fuck are we going to put all that?" I knew that Alejandro was still bringing a lighting kit and all his gear to add to the pile. This was going to be fun. Tie downs are your friend.

Two hours later we had the non-perishable food packed and all the meat, cheese, dairy etc... on ice in about 10 ice chests. All the drinks would have to wait to get chilled. That was all the trailer/truck packing we could do for the night. We retreated inside to finish packing our personal items and gear to load in the morning. Next, I was off to the shower and then bed to grab about 5 hours sleep before our departure on Friday. See ya at 5:30am.